Xing’s SIS file

SIS File Profile Picture

(At the time of Codename: Moneyman)

File document: Profile


Read only

Summary Page

  1. Name                       Xingjuan Chu Locke
  2. Address                   Unknown
  3. Current location        Unknown
  4. Profession                Assassin                                                Status    Active
  5. Birthplace                Hong Kong
  6. Date of birth            Unknown (maybe in June)
  7. Father                       William Locke, British citizen, HK police officer (deceased)
  8. Mother                    Jingfei Chu, Chinese citizen, HK hospital nurse practitioner (deceased)
  9. Siblings                   None
  10. Dependants              None
  11. Affiliates                   15R triad group; Chinese Ministry of State Security
  12. Known aliases           Mosquito; 42K
  13. Languages spoken     Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Portuguese
  14. Skills                       Wushu (martial art) hand-to-hand combat and weapons
  15. Specialism               Precision shooting with pistol and rifle
  16. Psychological profile     Unemotional, nihilistic, heterosexual, lone wolf
  17. Other skills/knowledge    Uses disguises
  18. Other notes              Xingjuan (Zin-gju-an) “arising grace”
  19. Physical                    Height: 5ft 5ins, weight: 120lbs, hair: black, eyes: dark blue, mixed ethnicity: Chinese/British (Celtic)
  20. Distinguishing features          None

End of summary page



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