Meriwether’s SIS file

(At the time of Bonfire)

File document: personnel


Read only

Summary Page

Name                       Bartholomew Wellington Winchester Meriwether

Current position         Chief of SIS

Home address           St. James’s Square, SW1

Current location         VX

Positions held            Desk chief, Middle East; desk chief, north Africa; field officer, Istanbul; field officer, Cairo; liaison officer, Washington D.C.

Place of birth             Belgravia, London

Date of birth             June 1st, XXXX

Father                     Randolph Meriwether, the 9th Earl of Russock

Mother                    Lady Anabel, the Countess of Russock

Siblings                   One brother (older), one sister (younger)

Marital status           Widower (Alice, deceased)

Dependants              One son, one daughter

Club membership       Quaggs, St. James’s Square, SW1

Sobriquets           “The Chief”; “The Duke”

Languages            English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish

Education                 Eton; Trinity College, Cambridge

IQ score                  211 (SIS tested)

Specialisms              Unrelated analytical deduction; exceptional memory

Psychological profile  Partisan, ruthless, risk-taker, imperturbable, heterosexual

Idiosyncrasies           Quotes English poetry, only drinks vintage Bas-Armagnac, vintage claret and Gilpin’s gin, only wears clothes made by his Saville Row tailor

Other skills/knowledge            World-class Bridge player/successful investor (high net personal worth)

Other notes              Employs a gentleman’s gentleman (a valet) Parsons

Physical                    Height: 5ft 11ins, weight: 164lbs, hair: dark brown, eyes: grey

Distinguishing features          None

End of summary page

King William III Equine Statue, St. James's Sq.


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