Outstanding finale

This review of Codename: Santiago [Codename File No. 3] was posted yesterday at Amazon UK.

An outstanding finale to an outstanding trilogy. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, several times, during Codename: Santiago. In the third chapter of Arundel’s action thriller series, we pick up directly after the events of the second book, with the main character “enjoying” a much deserved holiday. That is until he quickly finds himself knee-deep in a sensitive, economic-fuelled ST (sanctioned termination, but you should know this by now). My personal favourite of the trilogy, Arundel’s ability to script tightly-packed action sequences in near-quantum detail (dare I say, with Sherlock-esque analysis) really shines through. Character and backstory building is another virtue here that really comes to fruition in the final novel. I can’t give anything away, but there is one particular scene in which you cannot help but get emotionally involved. I downloaded the first of his spin-off series without hesitation, and cannot recommend this book enough.


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