Close Quarters

Yesterday, a reader posted this review of Bonfire at Amazon UK:

A different style and direction than the Codename series, but with all the excellent hallmarks of an Arundel novel that keep you reading until the bitter end! Fans of the Codename series should keep their wits about them with this one – a different series, but not necessarily an altogether separate book. There are suggestions here of a link to the Codename series, hinting that Arundel might have crossover plans for the series. Bonfire is very much close quarters, first-person action book (in places I felt like I was playing battlefield on my PS3), but don’t assume that this is merely all brawn with no substance. Two things really stood out and made this book for me. First, the characters remain memorable to the reader – true “rooting for” characters that are entertaining yet still believable. And second, the existential dilemmas that seem to plague a number of characters during their darkest moments. Is this subtle peering into the dilemma of human existence a hint of what’s to come for the next in the series? Will Arundel go all Nietzsche on us? I feel as if more of Arundel’s own inner enigmatic dialogue is worming its way into his books, which I for one welcome. Unfortunately, I have to wait for the next book. Let’s hope it’s not too long a wait!

Bonfire at Amazon UK


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