Gran Canaria

I recently returned from a trip to Gran Canaria, the Canary Island, the round one east of Tenerife.

The locals are as welcoming as the sub-tropical climate, which, despite the plainness of the landscape, makes the island as desirable as any other I’ve visited and that includes islands in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

While I was there, I rode the glass bottom ferry named the Blue Bird Cat that runs between Puerto de Mogan and Arguineguín [Arguineguín: quiet water] stopping along the way at Puerto Rico and Anfi del Mar. Viewing through the ferry’s glass bottom was like watching the “wash cycle” of an industrial washing machine, but on deck, the ride was a pleasant trip of inshore vistas and warm sea breezes.

The beach at Anfi del Mar, I am reliably informed, was made using Caribbean sand and in the sunlight, the water’s edge certainly has the same aquamarine blue as beaches in Barbados or Antigua. It’s a beach I would happily return to again and again.

I repeated the same journey I had taken aboard the ferry in a car driving along the coastal road over the lava ridges, up and down, and around the sheer drops with sun-drenched views across the Atlantic Ocean. It may not be the Italian Alps but, even so, it’s the perfect road for playing On Days Like These by Matt Munro.

If you ever get a chance to go don’t hesitate.



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