The sporting references in “Archer” are just one of the pleasures of watching, and there are many. The animated US TV show is well written, well voiced, and well produced. So, if you like your comedy spy fiction black, you should be a viewer.

In Season 4, Episode 9, Archer says to Lana, “Obviously, it hurts getting Tom Dempsey’d in the tits like that.” A North Korean agent has just landed a flying kick to Lana’s chest. In 1970, playing for the New Orleans Saints, Tom Dempsey kicked a 63-yard field goal: a record that stood until 2013. He did it without any toes on his right foot. The disability was the result of a birth defect. Understandably, his name has been synonymous with kicking ever since.

In Season 5, Episode 6, Archer says, “Thanks for the concussion, Dicks. Oh, and just so you know, that’s exactly how Len Koenecke died.” In 1935, Koenecke was playing Major League Baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers, but during the season, due to his drinking, he was cut in the middle of a road trip. On board a commercial flight home to New York he drank a quart (two pints) of whiskey and after becoming unruly with other passengers and a stewardess was removed from the flight in Detroit. At the airport, he chartered a flight to Buffalo during which, he had a disagreement with the pilot and a passenger, and attempted to take control of the aircraft. To avoid crashing, the passenger and the pilot hit him over the head with a fire extinguisher. Following an emergency landing at a racetrack in Toronto, medics pronounced Koenecke dead from a cerebral haemorrhage. At their trial, the passenger and pilot were found not guilty of manslaughter. Koenecke was buried in Mount Repose Cemetery at Friendship, Wisconsin. He was 31 years old.

“I enjoy “Archer” very much.” Pause “Do you not?”



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