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“Spitfire catapults Mark Arundel to the very top of the thriller genre.”—The Standard

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Hayes Fire, book 2
“Breathless, bloody and unbowed.” -The Herald
“Multiple perspectives, rich characters, and bleak existentialism underpin Arundel’s latest must-read action thriller.” -Rob Lewis
“If you haven’t read this guy, you’re missing out.” -The Herald
“Swift moving, with a tremendous climactic scene in the evening shadow of Big Ben.” -The Standard

Psychologically affected by the consequences of Bonfire, Hayes checks out a routine intelligence report in Istanbul on the personal request of Bartholomew Meriwether, the maverick chief of SIS. It doesn’t take long before “routine” becomes “anything but routine” and Hayes, haunted by the events in Libya and harbouring suicidal thoughts, finds himself thrown headfirst into a battle against a jihadi group with tentacles that stretch from northern Iraq all the way to the Palace of Westminster. Can he stop a deadly attack while at the same time fighting the private demons that threaten to destroy him?

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