"I can’t wait for more to come out." ― Alison Taylor (VINE VOICE)

The Meriwether Files

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“Absolutely fantastic! If you like British espionage, suspense and action, you’ll love this series. Refreshingly different, I’ve read them twice, I can’t get enough. Hopefully, the author will write more. Highly recommended.” — Amazon top 100 reviewer

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“A magnificent murder/mystery, or is it murder? It certainly looks like it to begin with and it certainly is to end with but what happens in between is something else entirely.” Keith (Top 500 Reviewer)

“I stayed up way past bedtime to finish this thriller. I liked it a lot. A British Special Forces soldier is let go but then hired by the intelligence service who want him to bump off a threat to national security. However, things are not what they seem. Are they ever? Pretty soon, three Russian goons and an attractive female assassin from China are on the scene, which complicates matters. Will our man prevail? I loved this book, and I’ve already downloaded the second in the series.” — Denniger Bolton

“A brilliant fast moving spy novel: he receives an unexpected phone call and is rocketed into a cloak and dagger situation — espionage and more. Mark Arundel has written a first-class story. All you would hope to find from this cleverly written book. I highly recommend it.” — Jean Williams

“Who can you trust? Only yourself. Moneyman is a gripping thriller, filled with action. Doubts assail the storyline, but it all leads to a satisfying conclusion and gives the narrative depth; with hints of humour without detracting from the action. Well written and highly recommended.” — Keith Benjamin

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