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Bonfire new new

(Hayes Fire, book 1)

The first book in the Hayes Fire series is the action-packed, thrilling story of a British SIS [SIS: secret intelligence service] operation carried out in northern Africa. Bartholomew Meriwether, the maverick chief of SIS, sends a four-man team of elite combat soldiers into Libya on a covert mission. Their target is a group of dangerous Islamic extremists. Hayes leads the four, but when the mission goes wrong, he faces an impossible decision. Will any of them get out alive?

Bonfire reviews:

Very enjoyable. Mark Arundel is the current generation’s Eric Ambler or Ian Fleming. I enjoyed this novel so much that I promptly bought all of the others he has published. And now, nearing the end of the last, all I can say is, “Mark, get busy and write some more!”

What a treat to have found this author. I discovered him through bookbub . I read his whole Codename Files series and it was awesome. There are currently 3 books in that series and I would recommend all 3. This novel was standalone but I could see it very easily being turned into a merit as well. This novel had great characters with great back stories and backlogs. If you are a fan of the spy spec ops, espionage, action etc., then give this author a shot, trust me you could do much worse. You will lose sleep over this novel as you will not put it down. A very solid 4.5 stars across the board. Read it, gang. I promise, you will enjoy!

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Spitfire new new

(Hayes Fire, book 2)

The past can never change.

Psychologically affected by the consequences of Bonfire, Hayes checks out a routine intelligence report in Istanbul on the personal request of Bartholomew Meriwether, the maverick chief of SIS. It doesn’t take long before “routine” becomes “anything but routine” and Hayes, haunted by the events in Libya and harbouring suicidal thoughts, finds himself thrown headfirst into a battle against a jihad group with tentacles that stretch from northern Iraq all the way to the Palace of Westminster. Can he stop a deadly attack while at the same time fighting the private demons that threaten to destroy him?

Spitfire reviews:

“Breathless, bloody and unbowed.” -The Herald

“Swift moving, with a tremendous climactic scene in the evening shadow of Big Ben.” -The Standard

“If you haven’t read this guy, you’re missing out.” -The Herald

“‘Innate force, the thing that makes us do the things we do, is as strong as the universe. Perhaps, it is the universe.’ This quote, spoken by the chief of SIS, nicely sums up the overall feel of book 2 in the Hayes Fire series. Multiple perspectives, rich characters, and bleak existentialism underpin Arundel’s latest must-read action thriller.”  -Rob Lewis

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Codename: Moneyman

Moneyman new new 1

(The Codename Files, book 1)

The action-packed, thrilling story of one elite SAS trooper who must uncover international espionage or die trying… Can he find the spy planted in the very heart of London?

Moneyman reviews:

Espionage and action, I loved it. A definite five stars from me. I hope to see a lot more from this author. -Chris Ryan

Things are never what they seem. I stayed up way past bedtime to finish this thriller. I liked it a lot. British Special Forces soldier is let go but then hired by the intelligence service who want him to bump off a threat to national security. However, things are not what they seem. Are they ever? Pretty soon, three Russian goons and an attractive female assassin from China are on the scene, which complicates things. Will our man prevail? I loved this book, and I’ve already downloaded the second in the series. Highly recommended for fans of action thrillers.

Fantastic! This book should be a motion picture. The story is captivating and totally realistic. I read it twice in a row. Do not start reading if you need your sleep.

Gosh, I’m exhausted after running all around Tenerife for the last few days. Great book, though. Keep on writing.

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Codename: Casanova

Casanova new new 1

(The Codename Files, book 2)

File no. 2 sees the elite soldier undertake a deadly mission for his new employer, Bartholomew Meriwether, which forces him to work with an elite super-assassin.

After reading Codename: Casanova, one critic described it as a novel of tooth and claw, so if any readers enjoy a spot of lion-taming or they fancy giving it a go, then this book is probably for them.

An exciting read. I usually read to savour the book, but every time I wanted to slow down it got more exciting. In this British espionage series of an assassin/protector his role changes with every turn of the page. The mix of Chinese triads and British espionage makes for great entertainment which cost me a few hours of sleep. Good job. I’m reading the third book already.

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Codename: Santiago

Santiago new new 1

(The Codename Files, book 3)

In file no. 3,  the elite soldier visits Rio de Janeiro on holiday where he anticipates sightseeing, chilled drinks by the pool and bikini-appreciation on Ipanema beach. Unfortunately, his employer, Bartholomew Meriwether, has other ideas. Buckle up tight.

“Santiago is the third in the Codename File series, and to get the most out of them you should read them in order. That said, this, like the other two, is an excellent read. Exciting, puzzling, and with some amusing moments. Highly recommended!”   – Ms. E. Thomson

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The Washington Sanction

 TWS new cover

Dallas, November 1963, JFK is shot dead.  Controversy begins immediately but what is the truth? The police investigation establishes Lee Harvey Oswald as the “lone gunman”. Then, Jack Ruby kills Oswald. Is it revenge for the President or is it a “hit” to silence a “patsy” who knows too much?

“Three things cannot long stay hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

The Washington Sanction, the story of a hidden truth.

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